Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University

Courses Offered By Our University


M. Phil. ---

Master of Philosophy (Psychology)

Post Graduate Courses ---

Master of Business Administration

Master of Law

Master of Library & Information Science

Master of Journalism & Mass Communication

Master of Education

M. Sc. in Mathematics

M. Sc. in Physics

M. Sc. in Chemistry

M. Sc. in Statistics

M. Sc. in Botany

M. Sc. in Zoology

M. Sc. in Bio-Technology

M. Sc. in Electronics

M. Sc. in Agriculture

M. Sc. in Home Science

M.A. in Home Science

M.A. in Sociology

M.A. in Psychology

M.A. in Geography

M.A. in Ancient History

M.A. in History

M.A. in Economics

M.A. in Political Science

M.A. in Hindi

M.A. in English

M.A. in Sanskrit

M.A. in Philosophy

M.A. in Urdu

M.A. in Defense Studies & Strategic Studies

M.A. in Performing Art

M.A. in Visual Art

M.A.. in Mathematics

Under Graduate Courses ---

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Law

Bachelor of Library & Information Science

Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication

Bachelor of Education

B. Sc. In Computer Science

B. Sc. in Mathematics

B. Sc. in Physics

B. Sc. in Chemistry

B. Sc. in Statistics

B. Sc. in Botany

B. Sc. in Zoology

B. Sc. in Bio-Technology

B. Sc. in Electronics

 B. Sc. in Agriculture

B. Sc. in Home Science

B.A. in Home Science

B.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Psychology

B.A. in Geography

B.A. in Ancient History

B.A. in History

B.A. in Economics

B.A. in Political Science

B.A. in Hindi

B.A. in English

B.A. in Sanskrit

B.A. in Philosophy

B.A. in Urdu

B.A. in Defense Studies & Strategic Studies

B.A. in Performing Art

B.A. in Visual Art

Diploma Courses ---

Diploma in Labour Law

Diploma in Yoga

Diploma in Photography

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application

Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism & Tourism Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Digester & National Security Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Textile & Costume Designing