Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University

Department of Computer Science

Computer science and IT industry have emerged out as a very fast growing field of knowledge Numerous other related branches like communication, electronics mechanics etc. have acquired a new getup linking up with computers and software thereby developing an entirely new branch of engineering, reengineering and reverse engineering as "Software Engineering': The computer centre has therefore been set up as a part of Physics Department with the idea to conduct various courses for students of various skill levels. To fulfill this objective the computer centre under Department of Physics had started PGDCS (from the year 1987) and B.Sc. (from the year 1996).

In the year 2001, the department has been granted independent status as the Department of Computer Science. New course have also been started by the department.

With the emerging trends in IT industry and the increasing possibilities of career in computer science, it becomes very important to draw our attention towards it and take to job oriented vocational training programs. We have proposed modular courses in information Technology and Computer Software Application. These courses being part time programs will be very helpful for the students to carryon with their usual graduation post graduation and side by side for gaining a professional diploma certificate. These part time training programs are framed around date communication, information technology, multimedia and software engineering.